Learn- What is the Train 18's Specialties?
14 Nov 2018

Learn- What is the Train 18's Specialties?

Siddharth Tiwari [Edited By: Paramita Sharma]

New Delhi, 14 November 2018, updated 22:48 IST

A speed trial of train 18 is going to begin. To know exactly what is special in this train, Aajtak has a special conversation with the Railway Board member rolling stock Rajesh Agarwal. See - this whole video.


  • Train 18
  • Make in India
  • Indian Railways
  • Semi high speed
  • Engine without

India first engine-less semi-high speed train 'Train 18', its also known as T18 Train 18 or T18, is capable of running at a speed of up to 160 kmph Train 18 comes with features for enhanced quick acceleration. The swanky 16-coach prototype without a locomotive (engine) will cut travel time by 15 percent compared to the Shatabdi Express.

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